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Tool Repair Services in Buffalo, NY

Stay connected to the needs of your workforce when you partner with Winkelman Sales Inc. for service and repair of hot air welding tools. Our tool repair services in Buffalo, NY, help area businesses maintain their competitive edge. 

We employ a team of multidisciplinary specialists that take your repair needs seriously. They work quickly to ensure you get the tools you need to succeed. Downtime can prove expensive, so our technicians make you their priority. The failure of multiple devices in your shop doesn’t have to bring your operation to a grinding halt.

Partner with a proven specialist when you have multiple hot air welding tools fail when you can least afford it. When you have a committed service partner in your corner, you can give your older tools a new lease on life. 

Preventative Care and Timely Repair 

You don’t have to worry about losing clients to failed tools and extended periods of downtime when you partner with a family-owned company for welding equipment repair. Our family understands the value of consistency, and we back every sale with service and support you can count on for years.

Don’t waste time and money replacing a unit when you can choose repair services instead. Repairs can extend the life of your tools, saving you money in the long run. It also reduces the likelihood of downtime due to learning new controls or adjusting to a new unit's configuration.

Our welding specialists offer a variety of solutions that will make your tools perform like new. We are trained and knowledgeable in Leister branded tools and equipment. As a result, we can service the equipment from their extensive catalog. As the authority on welding equipment, you can feel at ease in knowing we are at your side. Request repair services from us and keep your workflow running smoothly.

The Seasoned Welding Specialists

Our company has specialized in Leister tools and equipment since 1975. Since we stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the welding industry, we can provide a range of solutions that can meet your needs.

IN addition, we are committed to the satisfaction of our clients. As part of this commitment, we provide ongoing support for all of your purchases. If you have questions about using your Leister tool or need to learn how to get the most from it, we are happy to assist you. You can count on our welding specialists to help you do more.

Leister Offers Lasting Value

Clients across our area understand the value of having a tool from Leister in their hands, and they count on the Leister MINIFLOOR driver for ease of use and consistency. Even a device as reliable as the MINIFLOOR driver requires preventative maintenance and repairs to maintain its level of performance. We understand what is needed to get your tools back in operation as quickly as required.

Bring your tools into our shop for repairs and service, and review our inventory of professional welding kits and welding nozzles. You are sure to find the welding supplies you need. We proudly offer repairs in Buffalo, New York, and surrounding communities.

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